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At Coastal Airways, we understand that no flight can be successfully completed in isolation; it requires a cohesive team effort. This principle extends to our crews as well. We provide comprehensive integration within a multi-crew environment for those who prefer it. Our emphasis is on learning effective CRM (Crew Resource Management) and enhancing crew coordination to the fullest extent. By fostering a collaborative and cooperative atmosphere, we ensure that our crews work together seamlessly, leveraging their collective skills and expertise for safe and efficient operations.


Airline pilots do not have the flexibility to fly to their desired destinations on an ad-hoc basis. Instead, flight crews participate in a bidding process based on their seniority. The schedules for the upcoming month are released at the beginning of each month, and our crews are required to submit their bids for prospective routes before the bidding period ends. The awarding of bids is determined by the seniority number or hire date of the crew members, granting them the rights to bid for their preferred routes. This structured system ensures fairness and transparency in the allocation of flight schedules at Coastal Airways.


Our dedicated maintenance staff closely monitors the status of our fleet and promptly addresses any necessary repairs. Our diligent crews diligently report any issues, including oil and hydraulic concerns, as well as other faults that may arise during operations. By actively identifying and documenting these issues, we ensure that timely and appropriate measures are taken to maintain the optimal condition of our fleet. At Coastal Airways, the safety and reliability of our aircraft are of paramount importance.


Coastal Airways utilizes the advanced ACARS program to track all of our flights. This sophisticated system provides our dispatch team and operations with precise real-time information on the exact location of our fleet. Additionally, the ACARS program enables comprehensive tracking of flight logs and provides detailed readouts for enhanced operational efficiency and oversight. Through this advanced technology, Coastal Airways ensures effective monitoring and documentation of our flight operations.


At Coastal, we are committed to providing our pilots with a comprehensive and demanding training program. Our training goes beyond mere indoctrination and adheres to a yearly airline qualification program known as AQP, which follows the guidelines outlined in part 121 regulations. This rigorous program encompasses various aspects, including emergency procedures, classroom study, and in-depth knowledge of the systems necessary for safe and efficient operation on the line. Through this structured training approach, we ensure that our pilots are well-prepared and equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for their roles at Coastal Airways.


Coastal Airways is dedicated to offering affordable leisure travel options to coastal markets. We prioritize maintaining a financially stable balance sheet by implementing cost-control measures and adopting a methodical approach to gradually expand into underserved markets. Our flight crews are actively encouraged to manage fuel consumption effectively, ensuring efficient operations. By emphasizing these principles, we aim to provide cost-effective travel while upholding our commitment to sustainability.