Leading provider of realistic flight simulation experiences

The Most Realistic Airline Experience

At Coastal Airways, we understand the importance of realism in flight simulation. We have meticulously designed our operations to mirror real-world Part 121 airline operations. From the intricacies of fuel cost calculations to airport expenses, we leave no stone unturned in recreating the authentic airline environment. Our attention to detail ensures that you experience the closest thing to flying a commercial airliner without leaving the comfort of your home.

Immersive Multi-Crew Environment

Flying an airliner is rarely a solitary endeavor. Coastal Airways recognizes the significance of a multi-crew environment in replicating real-world operations. As a member of our airline, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with other virtual pilots, simulating the interaction and coordination required in a cockpit. Whether you prefer being in the captain's seat or taking on the role of a first officer, Coastal Airways provides an immersive multi-crew experience that adds an extra layer of authenticity to your flights.

Comprehensive Training Programs

We believe that knowledge and skill development are fundamental to becoming a proficient virtual pilot. Coastal Airways offers extensive training programs tailored to different aircraft types and operational scenarios. Our training curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including aircraft systems, emergency procedures, navigation, and more. By joining Coastal Airways, you gain access to our vast repository of training materials, ensuring that you are well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to excel in your virtual flying career.

Active Community and Support

Coastal Airways boasts a vibrant and supportive community of flight simulation enthusiasts. As a member of our airline, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and exchange valuable insights. Our active community forums, social media groups, and dedicated support channels foster a collaborative environment where you can seek guidance, discuss flight techniques, and engage in lively discussions. Coastal Airways is more than just an airline; it's a community that shares a passion for aviation and virtual flying.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

We are committed to staying at the forefront of flight simulation technology. Coastal Airways constantly explores new avenues to enhance the realism and immersion of our airline experience. We regularly update our fleet of aircraft, scenery, and systems to reflect the latest advancements in the industry. Our dedication to continuous improvement ensures that as a Coastal Airways pilot, you'll always have access to cutting-edge features and the most up-to-date virtual aviation experience.


Coastal Airways is the premier choice for flight simulator enthusiasts who crave an unparalleled level of realism and authenticity. With our focus on mirroring Part 121 airline operations, providing a multi-crew environment, offering comprehensive training, fostering an active community, and continuously improving our offerings, we deliver an extraordinary flight simulation experience. Join Coastal Airways today and embark on a virtual aviation journey that will exceed your expectations.

Meet our team

Cody Unruh

Flight Training Manager


Cody comes to us with a vast amount of experience in both the real-world and in the simulation community. He is a multi-engine instrument instructor and an aviation college professor. He flew his first flight sim in FS98 and fell in love instantly.


Tyler Heckman

Operations & HR Specialst


Tyler has been in the flight simulation community for around 10 years. He has real world aviation experience in general aviation aircraft, and has lots of simulator experience in the Boeing 737. Tyler also has virtual air traffic control (ATC) experience as a controller on the VATSIM network.

Sean Mcaninch

Managing Director-Cargo and Charters


Sean’s flight sim experience goes back to the Flight Simulator II days at a very young age, and continuing on with just about every version since then. He has had a lifelong interest in aviation and space flight. He joined Coastal as part of the charters role after contributing frequently over on the Flight Sim Broadcasting Network community.

Jason Sokoloff

CEO-President of Flight Operations


Jason has been a 737 instructor with Angle of Attack I am a real-world pilot and have worked with the NTSB. Jason has flown with Virtual Southwest for 16 years. He has flown for Midcontinent, Fusion, and Nexus. Jason is also a content creator on YouTube.