Interview Process

Coastal Airways operates differently from a "sign and fly" virtual airline. We prioritize a thorough screening process for our crew members before they proceed to our training classes. Prospective applicants should anticipate a comprehensive interview featuring airline-type questions, along with a recorded simulated flight assessment. This stringent evaluation ensures that our crew members meet our high standards and are well-prepared for their roles at Coastal Airways.

Min VATSIM Hour Requirements

Coastal Airways mandates a minimum of 200 verified VATSIM hours to ensure your proficiency and familiarity within the Vatsim environment, particularly when addressing challenging scenarios like MEL issues, engine fires, failures, and other unexpected situations. Although such occurrences are infrequent, we prioritize the capability of our crews to handle any situation with professionalism and confidence.

Knowledge of 737 Systems

To join our team as a pilot, candidates are required to showcase their expertise in various areas, including 737 systems, approach plate symbology, part 117 rules, and general part 121 knowledge. This evaluation takes place through an interview conducted via Google Meet. Through this process, we ensure that our prospective pilots possess the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Current Opportunities

Flight Dispatcher

Airline Financial Analyst

First Officer 737

Captain CRJ

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